Rampart Street Music is a New Orleans owned and operated, independent record label whose studio is located in the world famous 9th ward neighborhood of New Orleans. The state of the art; 32-track, digital recording studio is managed by JOYFUL! musician, Alfred Caston who, along with business partners Jessie Veal and Albert Mickel contributed their gig monies to the development of the studio and label which is housed in their 9th Ward offices.

Rampart Street Music has developed into a label that has helped a number of local and regional groups such as JOYFUL!, The Friendly Travelers, Lyle Henderson Children of God, Mike & Moni, and Ray Iglehart, just to name a few. The label first entered the top 40 national gospel charts in August 1996 with Lyle Henderson's "I cannot Go Back." In 1998, Mike & Moni made the charts with "Jesus, You're My Joy." The label still gets airplay from a variety of releases, most notably Children of God's 2002 release "Alive In Greenville."

To date, Rampart Street Music and the JOYFUL Music Group have produced over two-dozen full-length recording projects, many of which have received airplay on radio stations locally, Internationally and through out North America.

Rampart Street Music.com is dedicated to the prosperity of all the musicians involved on this label. Artist CDs are available to you in exchange for a check or money order for $16.49 and can be sent to PO Box 850092, New Orleans, LA 70185. Please make the check payable to Jamalar/Rampart Street Music.

For more information about the Rampart Street Music artists, please visit us at http://www.jamalaragency.com.

For booking information you may contact us via email at jamalar3618@yahoo.com or phone us at 504-943-0353.

Alfred Caston and Albert Mickel


P.O. Box 850092
New Orleans, La. 70185
(504) 943-0353, fax 943- 0468

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