Brass Band

 New Orleans has developed quite and interesting reputation throughout the world for it' s tantalizing gourmet dishes, Carnival, incessant night life and just plain ole good times. The City is sometimes jokingly referred to as, the city where everyone parties......and " nobody works".

 This City's Brass Band legacy is just as much a part of it's cultural history as these other elements. In the early days , it was not uncommon for Brass Bands to celebrate, with music, the birth of a neighborhood infant, and on the other side of town, you could find another band , marching, performing and strutting their stuff in a funeral procession. In New Orleans, the Brass Band contingency is one that is literally with us from the cradle to the grave, and....... all else between.

 Brass bands were, and are still an integral part of New Orleans culture. We feel we have found one of the best in the SMITTY DEE BRASS BAND. This Band is the brainchild of founder/Bandleader Dimitri Smith. Dimitri founded the group as an effort to pass on the torch of traditional New Orleans jazz styles, and to show young musicians about the styles and influence of our famous musical predecessors like ; Louis Armstrong, King Oliver, Buddy Bolden, Bunk Johnson, Jelly Roll Morton and alike. Dimitri has been a part of some other notable Brass and jazz groups in the City. He , for 10 years, was a part of one of the oldest brass Bands in New Orleans(Olympia Brass Band) and even founded another spin-off namesake group called the Olympia Kids Brass Band. Because of his work ethic and talent, Dimitri's name is known among all the Brass bands of this region. It is no wonder that his showcase group would be a great find.

 What Dimitri started as a New Orleans musical heritage class and academy for a select group of talented young people, has turned into a great New Orleans Brass Band with vision funk and style. They are often seen at area clubs, festivals and convention sites around the City .They have performed at many festivals and venues in countries like Switzerland , Germany, Italy, Turkey, France and Spain. When The Smitty Dee Band struts their stuff through your town, you won't be able to miss it!

 They have been the highlight of many a festival with their animated style and energy. They play all the standard New Orleans tunes as well as a tinkling of contemporary rhythms. The Smitty Dee Brass Band, like several other New Orleans groups also, feature, their own colorful Grand Marshal (umbrella included).

Dimitri Smith (Tuba)
Brian Berg (Sax)
Sam Venable (Trombone)
Percy Anderson Trumpet/Grand Marshall)
Omari Thomas (Trumpet)
Raynard Hackett (Bass Drum)
Mickey Jenkins (Snare Drum)


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